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7019 Sharp Straight Straw - Colour

7019 Sharp Straight Straw - Colour


Elevate your beverage service with the 7019 Sharp Straight Straw - Colour. These sharp straws are ideal for piercing through lids and thick films, ensuring a smooth drinking experience for your customers.

Available in assorted colors, they add a touch of vibrancy to your drink presentation. Made from polypropylene (PP), they're durable and come in bulk quantities (50 pcs/packet, 100 packets/bag) for convenience.

Perfect for restaurants, hawkers, and hotels, these 7019 Sharp Straight Straws are a cost-effective way to enhance your beverage service.

Colour: Mixed

Packing: 50 pcs / packet

Quantity: 100 packet / bag

Type: Sharp Pointed


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