YuSheng Tray / Sushi Tray / Compartment Tray

Model KW

Size: 32cm / 35cm / 38cm

Height: 5cm

Quantity: 25pcs / packet

Model SA

Size: 31cm / 35cm / 38cm

Height: 5cm

Quantity: 25pcs / packet

Black 6 Compartment Tray

Size: 28cm / 32cm

Height: 5cm

Quantity: 50pcs / packet

Carrier Bag

Size: One size fit all

Quantity: 100 pcs / packet

Long Chopstick for lo hei

Size: 30cm

Quantity: 100pcs / packet

Model KW-6 Comp


Height: 4cm

Quantity: 25pcs / packet

 yesRound, big volume Chinese and Japanese party tray and take-out container.

yes Ideal container for catering and banquet. 

yes Great lock function to increase operational efficiency.

yes High transparency of lid which provides greater product visibility.

yes Anti-fog characteristic for clear lid.

yes Unique patterns choice to satisfy customers’ needs that enhances food display and value of merchandise.